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"Since completing my radio operator, Elements of Shipboard Safety and Coxswain training at the Australian Maritime and Fisheries Academy in 2017 my commercial diving career has taken off.  I believe the training has helped to open me up to more opportunities.

My first role since completing the training saw me take on a new job in Townsville, Queensland working for a large marine construction company as a dive support vessel master and diver.  This role saw me in command of vessels up to 12m (my Coxswain ticket) and deckhand of offshore utility tug boats up to 35m.  I was working up and down the East Coast of Australia as far north as Bamago and south as Gladstone, up and down the Great Barrier Reef and out to the Rowley Shoals out of Broome WA.

Recently I have taken a new role working for another large marine company in a FIFO role in Groote Island NT as a vessel master and diver.  This job involves operating and maintaining a 10m support vessel and moving crocodile protection cages as part of a large scale wharf inspection, repair and maintenance campaign.

“If you are prepared to travel, there are plenty of opportunities that this training (Coxswain Grade 1) can open up for you”

Damian Sturm (photo) Coxswain Grade 1 including Shipboard Safety Skill Set & Marine Radio 2018

Damian Sturm.jpg
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