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Australian Territorial Waters VHF Radio Operator's Skill Set


Course Duration & Fees:

This skill set is offered by AMFA to commercial and recreational boaters using marine VHF radio equipment to transmit and receive information to and from ship to ship and ship to shore within 12 nautical miles from the Australian coastal baseline..


The MAR Australian Territorial Waters VHF Radio Operator’s Skill Set is consistent with the requirements of the Radio communications (Maritime Ship Station – 27 MHz and VHF) Class Licence 2001.  Candidates seeking certification should check with the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) to determine certification requirements.

Participants will need to present in appropriate work wear, including footwear.  Participants will need to supply a passport photo for production of their AMFA AWQ evidence.

Duration for AWQ is one (1) training day. 

Some out of hours study may be required.

Please contact AMFA to register your interest in this course.

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